Stewardship is the wise management of everything God has entrusted us with.


Proverbs 16:3, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”


  1. COMMIT TO THE LORD: To commit something to God literally means to, “roll them over to His care.”  The picture in the Hebrew language is like someone giving their burdens to someone else to carry.  Concerning your finances we should roll them onto God because He is able to care for us!
  2. WHATEVER YOU DO: We should commit everything in our life to God, not just salvation.  Some people just give God the bad days- but we should entrust God with paydays, bill days, and everything in-between.
  3. HE WILL ESTABLISH YOUR PLANS: God wants to bless you more than you could ever imagine, but He will never do it at the expense of His Kingdom.  Therefore, ask God to bless your plans for His glory.


Roll all your financial plans onto God and let Him establish your goals and dreams.


  1. Be faithful in giving your tithes (10% of your total income) and offerings (anything you give after your tithes).
  2. Entrust all you do financially to God’s wisdom and commands.
  3. Ask God to establish your financial plans for His Kingdom.


God has called us to be “managers” that are “committed” to stewarding “whatever” “gifts” we have “received” from Him.  We are to be “wise,” “fruitful,” “faithful,” “trustworthy,” “multiplying,” and “shrewd” stewards.  Living “debt free” and “generous” lives providing an “inheritance” for our children and grand children.