Stewardship is the wise management of everything God has entrusted us with.


Matthew 25:23, “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness.”


  1. GOD WILL JUDGE OUR FAITHFULNESS: Jesus taught His disciples to be ready to face God on judgment day and give an account of their lives.  The most important aspect of the judgment will be in regards to the disciple’s faithfulness to do all that God commanded him or her to do.
  2. WE ARE TO BE FAITHFUL IN LITTLE: Even Donald Trump, in comparison to God’s riches has little, therefore, we are to always be faithful with everything we have been given by God- whether its with our talents, finances, family, ministry, or career.
  3. FAITHFUL DISCIPLES WILL BE REWARDED: Jesus promised to reward His faithful disciples with the true riches of His Kingdom.  Therefore, don’t let the temporary pleasures of this world tempt you to be faithless.  For example, some may think withholding their tithes benefits them now, but in the long run they will lose the true blessings of God.


Be faithful with little and God will give you much!


  1. Be faithful in giving your tithes (10% of your total income) and offerings (anything you give after your tithes).
  2. Always remain humble and see yourself as God’s servant.
  3. Be faithful to everything God commands you to do.


God has called us to be “managers” that are “committed” to stewarding “whatever” “gifts” we have “received” from Him.  We are to be “wise,” “fruitful,” “faithful,” “trustworthy,” “multiplying,” and “shrewd” stewards.  Living “debt free” and “generous” lives providing an “inheritance” for our children and grand children.